Friday, June 30, 2006

Midnight Fight Club

Yesterday, my friend and I went sparring (fight training) on the university sporting grounds at midnight. We chose to do it after closing time so that nobody could see two fools kicking each others ass for fun. It wàs great fun though !
The day before, we went shopping for sparring gear. We both bought a chest guard, some shin protectors and light gloves. The next day at about midnight, we took off for the training grounds. We started by slowly repeating some parry moves, and then gradually sped up the pace. Then, we threw in some attack moves and did a lot of circling and legwork exercises, while trying to hit/parry each other. The cool thing was that we both have a totally different style to rely on. My friend studies karate, so he was always keeping a very long distance, with sudden attacks. His kicking techniques are much greater then mine. I study KungFu so my style was very different from his. In KungFu you try to get very close to your opponent while constantly keeping as much contact to the ground as possible (rooting). It is a more fluid style, that uses the technique of 'sticking' to follow your opponents moves very closely so you can react quicker. We talked a lot during the training, constantly trying out new things and learning the advantages and disadvantages of each others style. I think this is extremely useful in real combat. And so much fun! In short : I can't wait 'til our next appointment!



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