Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kelly watch the stars

I was just outside, humming the Air song 'Kelly watch the stars' while testing my parents new bird spotter (yes, in the middle of the night...). It is mounted on a stand, which brought me to the idea of using it to watch some stars. It's a clear, windy, starry night right now. I was able to locate Jupiter quite easily, targeted the scope and when I looked into the objective, I really could see the giant orange disc of Jupiter, along with three of its four moons orbiting around it in the same plane! I rushed inside to get my mom's digital camera, but by the time I figured out how to connect it to the scope, Jupiter was slowly disappearing behind the treetops. I think I was about 20 seconds too late... Bummer! I will certainly try and make some nice pictures again, and I'll make sure I'll post them here if I succeed. But for now... good night!



Blogger Charite Strasbourgeoise said...

Way cool!

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